Measuring Budget Transparency: The Open Budget Index

Did you know that Guatemala and the Dominican Republic rank higher than India, Turkey, and Namibia in terms of budget transparency? And that Brazil’s budget is more transparent than South Korea’s?

The International Budget Partnership (IBP) publishes the Open Budget Survey every two years.  Ranking 115 countries across six continents, the survey is the largest comparative, independent assessment of budget transparency, oversight and participation. The Open Budget Index (OBI), calculated from the transparency measures in the survey, assesses the availability of budget documents and comprehensiveness of information across six key areas of public finance: revenue, expenditure, debt, macroeconomic, fiscal risk, and policy/performance.  

The IBP would like to build on the OBI to generate transparency ratings that are more relevant to investors. In this workshop, the IBP’s Head of Research, Jason Lakin, will walk investors through each component of the OBI, describing how it is constructed and soliciting feedback on how the OBI or related measures could be made more relevant to investors. The process will familiarize investors with the OBI and how it can be used in sovereign analysis.

Speaker Bio

Jason Lakin is the International Budget Partnership’s Head of Research. He joined the IBP in May 2009 as a Program Officer covering Ghana and East Africa. Jason set up a local IBP office in Nairobi in 2014 and served as the Country Manager for IBP Kenya from 2014-2017. Before joining the IBP, Jason completed his Ph.D. in Government and Social Policy, and post-doctoral research in Global Health, at Harvard University. The focus of Lakin’s research was on the political economy of social policy reform in Mexico (particularly health financing and implementation).

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Jason Lakin, Head of Research, International Budget Partnership