Beyond the Balance Sheet: IFC Disclosure and Transparency Toolkit

The IFC Toolkit provides an innovative and flexible framework for the disclosure of environmental/social/governance (ESG) information that can be used by emerging market companies, investors, exchanges, and regulators. The International Finance Corporation (IFC) has partnered with the UN “Sustainable Stock Exchanges Initiative” and provided guidance to exchanges in Kenya, Peru, Nigeria, Georgia, the Philippines, and Kazakhstan. Discussions are also underway in Ethiopia, Rwanda, Vietnam, Indonesia and Saudi Arabia. The IFC is developing an online platform where investors can access integrated reporting guidance and company disclosures. 

On a conference call, the IFC’s Ralitza Germanova and Jerome Lavigne-Delville discussed the IFC Toolkit, its process for establishing ESG materiality, and its approach to evaluating companies using case studies and examples from the IFC’s work in developing markets.


Ralitza Germanova, International Finance Corporation