Changing Their Tune: Are Companies Ready for Climate Change?

Over the past three years extreme weather events have swept the globe, disrupting communities and imposing enormous economic losses. Increasingly, financial regulators and investors have demanded climate-related disclosures from companies in an effort to anticipate the coming risks and opportunities. 

In response to a 2018 CDP survey, 6,707 companies disclosed information on their exposure to climate change. Firms reported $970 billion at risk from environmental factors, over half of which were deemed “likely,” “very likely,” or “virtually certain” to materialize over the next 5 years. In addition, 225 companies reported opportunities associated with climate change, representing $2.1 trillion in value driven by demand for low-emission products and services. 

Join us for a call with CDP as they present some of the key findings from this insightful survey, as well as the significant opportunities available to companies that effectively manage the transition to a low-carbon economy.