4th Annual Conference on Responsible Investing in Emerging Markets

Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) investing is an evolving practice with implications for many different sectors. This event will address key themes regarding ESG investing in emerging markets. Four panels will explore the usefulness of ESG data in approaching sovereigns and corporate investments, including some of the most at-risk commodity industries: agriculture and extractives. The agenda will proceed with discussions on: ESG frameworks and methodologies, fiscal transparency risks among sovereigns, the ESG crisis in the Brazilian protein industry, and the materiality of disclosure policies in oil and mining. 


Simon Hall, National Wildlife Federation
Pedro Amaral, Proforest
Thais Aleluia, AllianceBernstein
Erica Westenberg, Natural Resource Governance Institute
Celina Merrill, BlackRock
Isabel Munilla, Oxfam America
Patrick O'Connell, AllianceBernstein